Accounting & Bookkeeping

Daily bookkeeping

Invoicing services

VAT return preparation and submission; and other VAT-related services.

Preparing periodic management accounts

Preparing financial statements in accordance with IFRSs

Paying direct/ indirect company taxes

Cyprus Non-Doms

The Special Contribution for the Defense of the Republic Law (SDC) imposes taxes on certain types of income, including interest, rentals, and dividends. With the implementation of non-domicile or “non-dom” rules, a Cyprus tax resident individual who is not domiciled in Cyprus will effectively be exempt from Special Defence Contribution in Cyprus on any interest, rents, or dividends (whether actual or deemed) derived from sources within Cyprus, regardless of whether such income is remitted to a bank account or economically used in Cyprus. Individuals are not subject to taxation on interest and dividend income under the Income Tax law.


An individual is tax resident in Cyprus if he or she is physically present in Cyprus for 183 days or more during the calendar year. A Cyprus non-dom is someone who has not been a tax resident of Cyprus for 20 years consecutive years prior to the introduction of the law is considered a Cyprus non-dom.

We have extensive expertise advising and assisting corporate executives and high-net-worth people who seek to relocate to Cyprus and take advantage of the new rules.

Intellectual Property Rights & Royalties

Cyprus offers an attractive intellectual property rights (IPR) system to Cyprus holding businesses. Cyprus-based businesses are subject to an 80% exemption on both:

Qualifying net IPR income

Capital gains on IPR disposition

There are incentives available for a wide range of qualified IPR, and the effective tax rate can be extremely low in the end. Various base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) rules, including economic substance criteria, apply to the island’s IPR framework.

1stopentity can assist you in navigating these regulatory requirements and advising you on how to best utilize the island’s IPR framework.

Indirect Tax Services / VAT Services

Assisting businesses with carrying out their VAT obligations.

VAT advisory services:

Reviewing company activities and advising on any potential VAT implications

Reviewing existing or drafting contracts and advising accordingly

Advising and assisting businesses with VAT registration and deregistration procedures, as well as identifying the risk of noncompliance.

Preparation and filing of quarterly VAT returns and monthly VIES declarations

Providing VAT recovery assistance to our clients:

Refund claims from within the country and EU

Fiscal representation services include assistance with tax VAT audits and associated concerns brought by tax authorities

An individual is tax resident in Cyprus if he or she is physically present in Cyprus for 183 days or more during the calendar year. A Cyprus non-dom is someone who has not been a tax resident of Cyprus for 20 years consecutive years prior to the introduction of the law is considered a Cyprus non-dom.

We have extensive expertise advising and assisting corporate executives and high-net-worth people who seek to relocate to Cyprus and take advantage of the new rules.

Company Registration

One Stop Entity offers a broad range of company registration services in Cyprus and beyond, including professional advice and help aimed at identifiying the optimum business structure for the customer.

Our Services Include:

The composition of the Board of Directors and any other relevant corporate matter

Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

Liaison with the competent local authorities to ensure the company’s prompt incorporation

Through its extensive network of corporate lawyers and company consultants, One Stop Entity incorporates and provides services to companies in most major jurisdictions, including the BVI, Cayman Islands, Seychelles, UAE, Malta, Hong Kong, Belize, Panama, Canada, USA, PUERTO RICO, CONSTARICA, SINGAPORE, VIETNAM, MAURITIUS, CHINA, ISRAEL, GEORGIA, ARMENIA, LEBANON, AND EU COUNTRIES.

In addition, One Stop Entity provides TAILORMADE support with the following structures’ setup:


International Trusts




In circumstances where local regulatory authority permits are required, One Stop Entity, in partnership with its local legal consultants, will swiftly help you through the entire licensing process.

Trustee Services


One Stop Entity assists with the setup and administration of trusts while maintaining complete anonymity. One Stop Entity establishes a wide range of trusts, from simple to complex structures, including discretionary trusts, purpose trusts, and trusts involved in employee bonus schemes, always in accordance with the individual’s personal circumstances and requirements.

Assisting with the establishment and administration of local and foreign trusts, including discretionary trusts, purpose trusts, and trusts involved in employee bonus plans.

Serving as Corporate Trustee

Keeping the trust’s accounting records up to date

Opening and managing bank accounts all over the world

Making distributions to beneficiaries in accordance with the Settlor’s instructions

Compliance Services

Options a:

One Stop Entity offers a complete service package to assist International Compliance Departments with their AML regulatory responsibilities in accordance with applicable legislation and requested jurisdiction directives. Our Compliance services include the following:

Option b:

One Stop Entity delivers the complete service package of supporting International Compliance Departments with their AML regulatory needs as per the applicable Legislation and the Directives of requested jurisdiction. Our Compliance services include:

Option a:

We coordinate the whole client onboarding process, including: undertaking the full scope of due diligence and AML compliance procedures from the onboarding phase through periodic update and monitoring.


Identification – Validation


Background checks

Risk evaluation

Performing continual monitoring and periodic reviews to keep due diligence information up to date in accordance with each client’s risk rating.

Assisting in the development of internal compliance procedures.

Assisting in the drafting of periodic regulatory reporting to entities regulated by ANY GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES OR FINANCIAL INSTITUTES

Banking Services

As One Stop Entity maintains close working relationships with all local banks as well as some of the most prestigious banks in the Five Continents, it can provide a comprehensive range of bank account services to Cypriot entities, foreign corporate bodies, and individuals.

One Stop Entity bank account services include the following:

Opening and operating bank accounts with local and international banks

Providing internet banking facilities

Processing and executing banking instructions

Opening brokerage accounts

Opening deposit accounts and other investment accounts

Providing translation services for most European languages in respect to banking requirements

Acting as introductions to local banks for One Stop Entity clients

Company Administration & Secretarial Services

One Stop Entity provides corporate administration and secretarial services to make certain that companies comply with all applicable legislative responsibilities. One Stop Entity also offers corporate administration services to companies based in other countries.

Our services:

Providing facilities for directors and shareholders meetings

Preparing minutes of directors and shareholders meetings (including the Annual General Meeting)

Preparing documentation to reflect changes in the:

Directors and shareholders

Secretary and registered office

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Authorised and issued capital (including premium allotments)

Organizing and registering share pledges and other company costs

Company name

Filing financial statements and yearly returns with the Registrar of Companies

Filing of all statutory returns with the Registrar of Companies

Keeping statutory records and registers of the company in safe custody

Keeping the company’s common seal in safe custody

Handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities

Arranging for translation of documentation by certified translators

Arranging for notarisation, certification, and apostille authentication or legalization of incorporation documents and others

Issuing and/or preparing specific Powers of Attorney

Signing contracts and other documents

Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work as needed

Coordinating business processes such as audit through associate audit firms

Conducting company searches and due diligence requirements

Assisting an entity with obtaining any licenses required to do its business (e.g., investment services; portfolio management).

The above services are provided in partnership with corporate law professionals.

Cyprus Offshore & Payroll Services

One Stop Entity provides a wide variety of payroll services to businesses that employ people in Cyprus and overseas and require assistance with their monthly payroll operations.


Payroll services provided by One Stop Entity include:

Payroll computation can be done monthly or weekly, depending on the client’s preference.

Company registration as an employer and employee registration/deregistration with the Social Insurance Department via the online registration system

Employee registration with the Income Tax Department.

At the end of each payroll run, prepare and distribute confidential electronic pay slips to employees.

Making payments to employees’ personal accounts via online banking transfers with the assistance of the One Stop Entity Banking Department.

The ability to transmit an electronic file to the bank for employee payment.

Completing and uploading the monthly social insurance contributions Payments can be made automatically using online payment systems if the information of the employer’s bank account is entered into the system.

Annually prepare and distribute the payslip to employees.

Preparation and submission of the Company’s yearly Employer’s Declaration form to the Tax Authorities.

Obtaining the necessary clearance certificates/confirmation from the Social Insurance Department for expatriate personnel in order to renew their work permit.

Escrow Services

One Stop Entity has extensive knowledge as an escrow agent in a variety of transactions. One Stop Entitycan guarantee the successful completion of a transaction by utilizing its experience.

An escrow agent holds cash or other assets, securities, or documentation as security for the completion of a transaction, to be released only if particular criteria are met in line with the terms of the escrow agreement.

One Stop Entity works as an escrow agency, providing third-party business solutions that secure financial obligations between two or more parties resulting from commercial transactions such as corporate acquisitions and trade agreements, thereby decreasing financial performance risk.

One Stop Entity Escrow Services include:

Drafting and/or reviewing an escrow agreement

Opening a dedicated escrow account with high rating financial institutions in Cyprus or other jurisdictions as needed (For the purposes of the escrow arrangement, such account shall be utilized exclusively for the stated transaction)

Immigration Services

One Stop Entity has an immigration staff committed to providing permanent residency as well as all forms of temporary visas and work permits.

Because One Stop Entity has good relationships with well-known Cyprus banks, business consultant firms, international law forms, property developers, and real estate brokers, One Stop Entity is particularly well positioned to assist its clients in all of their immigration and relocation initiatives.

Assistance in acquiring a Permanent Resident Permit

Providing specialized advice on relevant legislation and procedures • Assisting with the completion of the application form • Reviewing documents, providing guidance, and collecting all relevant information so that the application is complete

Application posting submission the immigration team at One Stop Entity is constantly monitoring the status.

Assisting companies with their registration at the Civil Registry and Migration Department; • Assisting third-country nationals and their dependents in obtaining the necessary work and temporary residence permits; and

Assisting EU citizens with their registration at the relevant authorities.

Members Voluntary Liquidation & Strike Off

One Stop Entity services include:

Arranging for the submission of any annual returns that are due

Preparing the necessary corporate documents for the authorities

preparing and submitting the necessary application to the Registrar of Companies, as well as notifying the tax authorities

Members Voluntary Liquidation

One Stop Entity services include:

One Stop Entity with collaboration of a licensed insolvency practitioner to act as a liquidator, offering:

Arranging for the required publications in the Government Gazette

Making the necessary filings with the Registrar of Companies

Assisting the Directors with the preparation of the Declaration of Solvency

Arranging for the preparation of the company’s audited financial statements

Arranging for the Tax Clearance Certificate to be obtained

Arranging for the settlement of the company’s creditors and the distribution of any surplus assets

Preparing the liquidation accounts

Ancillary Services

One Stop Entity collaborates with reputable partners and associates to ensure that our clients receive the best corporate transactional structuring solutions and complementary services critical for firms undertaking strategic or organisational transformations.

These services include:

Business evaluations • Preparation of business plans • Feasibility studies • Financial due diligence • Loan restructuring

Fiduciary Services

One Stop Entity provides the following fiduciary services:

Director management services

One of the important conditions for establishing that a company’s management and control are carried out in Cyprus is that the majority of the directors on the Board are Cyprus residents and that the company’s management decisions are made in Cyprus.


Every Cyprus entity must have a secretary who is responsible for keeping the company’s statutory registers and records up to date in compliance with Cyprus legislation. The secretary shall draft and file all statutory forms, resolutions, and annual returns with the Registrar of Companies in accordance with the instructions of the board of directors.

Registered office

One Stop Entity is able to provide a registered office address as well as any necessary facilities in the preferred jurisdiction of incorporation, as required by law.

Nominee shareholders

One Stop Entity can hold shares in trust for the benefit of the client and deal with or dispose of the shares as instructed by the beneficial owner. One Stop Entity ensures that the beneficial owner’s personal information is not shared under any circumstances, unless mandated by the Courts or as part of an inquiry into certain illegal actions.

International Substance Solutions

One Stop Entity provides a number of services focused at assisting the business content and operation of the office IN THE SELECTED JURISDICTION.

Depending on the type of substance required, One Stop Entity may assist with all actions required to establish a fully-fledged office, including:

All requirements surrounding identification and office space renting

WEBSITE development/ hosted 

Telecom and IT support Services, including domain registration

Company registration as an employer

Employee hiring process and other HR related assignments

Employee migration

Insurance policy coverage

Accounting, VAT, and payroll services

Daily administrative support for the business

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